How to Make a Backyard Badminton Court?

Written by Mary Woods

Want to relish an impressive and thrilling picnic along with the battle of shuttlecocks in the air but have nowhere to do so? Can we build a backyard badminton court? Really? Surprisingly, yes. Your lawn will now have a court entirely constructed by yourself. So, carefully follow the steps to experience the best.



1.    Choose a location for the court

Unfortunately, if you possess a small garden, you do not hold multiple possibilities besides settling the center’s court. But if you own a larger expansion, you can easily install your badminton court anywhere. However, you still need to go through some considerations before you decide to plant the court anywhere.

  • If your garden consists of long grasses, then it would be best to reap all of them. Because it is more comfortable to play on short grasses than long ones, just size the grasses in a length that will prove convenient when you play.
  • If the region consists of dirt, sand, stones, and such type of obstacle-like things, then it is strongly advised to clear the area because you do not want to hurt yourself while playing.


2.    Insert a firepit

To add adequate ambiance to a relaxing evening, it is only enough to stare at the sizzling fire. Those are exceptional to compose an extension to your relaxing and socializing region. So, hurriedly clean and decorate the region around a fire pit with essentials and arrange your backyard to install a badminton court.


3.    Boundaries

After the selection of the perfect location, the next primary thing you have to do is to make boundaries. Typically, the boundaries of the court are about 2.4 meters up and 3.7 meters across. While you mark the boundaries, remember that they need to stay long because you cannot always repeat the same thing. That is why use duct tape to properly tape the limitations around the court.


4.    The Net

With proper calculation and measurement, insert the two poles facing each other in the court’s opposite middle corners. Then pull out the barrier that is the net onto the poles. You can purchase the net from any store around, and it will also consist of the instructions you need to follow while setting it up. Always pick the best one that can resist the power of nature and is strong enough to linger.


5.    Settings inside the court

Divide each side of the court equally to place two players properly on both the section while playing duo matches. Also, prepare the line that the shuttlecock must overcome to be considered as an acceptable shot. The back boundary needs to be put according to the basic court rules. All of these markings are to be implemented using duct tape for a better encounter.


6.    Take care of the net

It is usual for the net to begin to droop after hanging for a while. After a few days, you will see that the net will not stay high enough to supply a good game. That is why after the completion of every play, open one side of the net and place the entire web upon the other pole.


Compose your upcoming picnic to be the most outstanding one with the presence of a firepit from and the remarkable sound of shuttlecocks in the air.