How to make a good impression on a first date.

Written by Mary Woods

How to make a good impression on a first date.

On you first date firmly believe the saying,” First impression is the last impression”. Start with an open mind, positive attitude, eye contact, involving conversation and make yourself presentable. Presentation plays a vital role, hygiene check, wear something which suits you in terms of clothes, make-up and fragrance. If you have stitched your ends well, then let the ball be in his court for some time. There are certain basic points of good communication and first contact to be practised when going on a first date. Below mentioned are some of them.

Good listening skills: No one wants to hear I, me, myself saga continuously. Bring topics involving both of you to give inputs and makes the flow going. It is essential to listen carefully because it will give you an insight about the other person’s interest, choice and thought process.

Break awkward long silences: never let that lull set in. You have met for a reason to know each other. You do not have to sit quietly. That you’ve been doing in easy confines of your house.

Hide some reveal some: Dating is a volatile game. There are no set rules. Always remember it’s safe to reveal some about you and hide some for the other person to discover later.

Don’t let your attention wander: Restrict usage of your mobile to minimum, checking texts, answering calls. Posing yourself to be busy will give an impression of being uninterested. A wander if not fixed on achieving something will always wander. If you are on a date pay full attention, make eye contact and conversation to ease the nervousness between the two of you.

Give unconscious signals: Your body language should show that you are interested. Responses should give an impression that you are listening and can connect with him. Clicking of wine glasses, complimenting, smiling and meeting of eyes are all going to work in your favor?

Make it informal: Call each other by their first names, make it informal. It will reduce the nervousness and break the ice between the two of you. Taking names makes it easier to take the meeting to the second level and make things simpler.

Give a miss to the regular questions: Bring a sense of twist in the tale, start with normal conversation rather than usual questions. The other person has by-hearted already. It will bring in the flavour of friendliness. Unexpectedness gives a kick to the guys, something different is always intriguingly interesting.

Look for things holding common grounds: It could be books, travel, pets, hobbies, movies, music, sports etc. Something interests you both, because the conversation flows on its own.

Last but not the least wears your smile, eyes have shine and you are confident about yourself and what you are looking into. Vagueness and doubts have no room if you wish to make a lasting impression. Before you end do ask for meeting next very soon ,to leave an impression of being interested and ready to take it to next level.