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Necessary Rules for being Friends with Benefits

Written by Mary Woods

Necessary Rules for being Friends with Benefits

Friends with benefits are a new styled relationship status. Do we call it a relationship is yet not certain. There are a long list of Do’s and Don’ts to be looked into before embarking on this journey. It is indeed a no-strings attached combination. Here the keys and lock often match, may be not for a very longer duration of time. Breaking the pseudo typecast of tags BF, GF, wife, spouse or partner. The daily hum-drum a

emotional drama can be cut down to zero.There are no chemical reactions to this relationship style statement which has taken the internet world by storm.

Friends with benefits release one from the network of expectations of monogamy, polyamory or a neck-wrecking marriage. Although from world’s forum point of view its best to be in monogamy, then to filter or experiment around. Mostly people initially consider it’s just about meeting your sexual desires. But NO it’s just not that. Trust here also plays a major ingredient in the entire dish. You can be friends with benefits but giving love, trust, understanding, time and faith is also essential for a good run in your bedroom. For deeper experience dive deeper into the ocean.

If one fails to acknowledge the authenticity of friends with benefits union, then in no time it will fell apart. Let SEX not take the centre-stage because one day it will frizzle out. Once you are over with it, then the drama will start. Something or someone else will take precedence. In the process you might let a beautiful friendship slip out of your hands. Dedication in both the sides should be the same and taking advantage of the situation or person need not be the criteria. It’s always better to define your terms in the early stages to avoid heartaches.

Couples often fail to demarcate their relationship goals viz

Is it serious relationship, friends with benefits or a situationships where you are clinging on to each other for a said circumstance. Don’t leave yourself in a nauseatic relationship, where the road ahead is foggy. Wham-bham-thank you maa’m days are over. Too much of drama around

one’s daily life creates a lot of melodrama to cover.

Using safe sex practise garner better health condition and long run in the game. Your friends with benefits cannot be from the work place, it will make everyday work in the office awkward and full of distraction. It is indeed a no commitment relationship, emotional attachment and large stakes of finances are to be avoided. Don’t attach memories to friends with benefits in the form of gifts, pictures etc.

Practically NO involvement of friends with benefits with the immediate family members, close circuit of friends. This is to protect the secrecy and authenticity of other relationships. It can be fatal if they brought under same room in close proximity. If you hold a good intention and space for the other person in this combination of relationship, then success and peace is bound to be yours at all times.